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AM: Anamorphic Street Art That Stands Out In The Crowd 

hand painted or laid-in stone mosaics

We are Anamorphic Murals | Mosaics (AM). A premium street art brand established in 2014  focusing on the design and live creation of 3D Murals across the globe; and - more recently - 3D Mosaics, as well. 

AM is a close and creative collaboration between Juandres Vera, world class 3D Street Artist, Isidora Paz Lopez, renowned Mosaic Artist, and Peter (StreetPeter) Westerink, Street Painting pioneer and founder of Planet Street Painting. 

AM was born out of the desire to no longer abide by the rules that dictate market dynamics and subsequently our creations; but instead focus on artistic freedom as the primary driver for our work: what do we really want to create? And then offer that to the public at large to see who's interested in working with us. Thus shifting steadily from commissioned work to independent work, and from contracting to creative collaborations and partnerships. Having the best of both worlds: freedom to create and still catering to market needs, but doing it the AM way.

In 2018 AM was excited to welcome a new team member in Isidora Paz Lopez, a renowned Mosaic artist from Chile, now residing in Germany. This means that next to 3D murals, we are studying 3D murals in Mosaics as well. Providing future collaborative partners with unique and high-quality mosaic art works that will last for many generations, while maintenance remains low. We look very much forward to launching  and sharing this great new adventure with you!

To contact us to explore a new 3D mural or mosaic collaborative project, click here.

we are AM: meet the team

juandres vera 


co-founder & LEAD 3D ARTIST

isidora paz lopez





co-founder & DIRECTOR

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